Drakes Bay Oysters Science

For years, the Park Service at Point Reyes leveled false charges of environmental harm against the Lunny family. The agency was reprimanded by the National Academy of Sciences, which in 2009 found that the Park Service had “selectively presented, over-interpreted, and misrepresented the available scientific information,” and by the Solicitor’s Office of the Department of the Interior, which in 2011 found “bias” and “misconduct” in the evaluation of Harbor-seal data.

Despite these reprimands, the Park Service continued its false assertions, producing a 2012 environmental impact statement (EIS) that claimed, among other false charges, that the oyster farm had a “moderate adverse impact” on Harbor seals. It has since come to light that the Park Service’s Harbor-seal expert, cited in the EIS, actually found “no evidence” of harm to Harbor seals. A formal complaint of scientific misconduct has been filed; that complaint is still being stonewalled, however, the agency’s falsification of scientific information was reported in Newsweek in January 2015.

Oysters are known to be good for the environment, which is why oysters are being reintroduced all around the world. Click here to read more about oyster restoration.

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