Editorial Cartoons by George Russell

George Russell has enjoyed drawing “since I can remember,” he says. He has worked in the newspaper business as a designer, in both advertising and editorial, since the early 80′s.

His first published cartoon was at the San Rafael News Pointer, where his editor was Brad Breithaupt; the two then worked together at the Marin Independent Journal (IJ)–George now freelances for the IJ, and Breithaupt is the Opinion editor.

“Brad needed a caricature of Lyndon Johnson for a promo ad,” says George. “I enjoyed that so much, I tried my hand at some local issues in San Rafael. It’s great fun to make fun of things. One of my cartoons about the San Rafael canal won the California Newspaper Publisher’s Association contest for small weeklies. After that, I was hooked.”

Here are George’s much-appreciated oyster cartoons. Used with the kind permission of George Russell and the Marin Independent Journal.

Like us, George sees a pattern here (see our post Weaponizing NEPA):



The California Coastal Commission concocted a campaign against the Lunnys that culminated in a kangaroo court that denied the family its due process rights, as reported here.  The enormous fine referred to below was quietly withdrawn by the Coastal Commission in a court document; the fine was based on the Commission’s own error.



The oyster farm refuses to give up.



When Point Reyes National Seashore had its 50th Anniversary Celebration, more than one of us had this thought:



Did the decision about whether to renew Drakes Bay Oyster Farm’s permit keep Secretary Salazar up at night?



December decision; was Salazar naughty or nice?



“Kevin had some big political players speaking up for him,” says cartoonist George Russell. “I thought why not George Lucas too.”



George says the following cartoon is “My play on the NPS conducting its own witch hunt.”



When this cartoon was published, “The Lunnys had won a victory against an NPS report that was full of half truths and errors,” says George Russell, cartoonist. “Time for the NPS to eat their hats.”



About the following cartoon, George says: “It seemed a bit ironic. In other places, Interior has said things like oil drilling and open pit mining are OK, but in Point Reyes, they won’t allow an oyster farm that actually cleans the water in the process.”


There is ample evidence that the Park Service seeks to eliminate agriculture from the National Seashore once it has ousted the oyster farm.