About Us

This is the advocacy website about Drakes Bay Oyster Farm. It is written and maintained by supporters, and is independent of the oyster farm.

The oyster farm’s retail operations and cannery—the last oyster cannery in California—were forced to shut down July 31, 2014. Farming was forced to cease December 31, 2014. The historic buildings have since been razed. The Park Service is using heavy equipment to remove the wooden oyster-growing racks immersed in deep water, which will certainly be a setback for the eelgrass that has grown up around them. (Odd that an environmental impact report was not required for this major construction, when it was, we’re told, required to even consider issuing a permit for simply continuing a family farm.)

The Park Service forced the closure of the oyster farm for reasons that remain unclear using methods that were wrong. This website was created to tell the story of this injustice. We intend to continue indefinitely.

This site is written by Sarah Rolph and was designed and implemented by Tom Kent. Sarah is a freelance writer working on a book about the oyster farm. She has been following the story since 2006. Tom is the proprietor of Kent Communications and is active in supporting Oysters for Life, an innovative oyster-farming enterprise founded by Tolar Nolley that is helping to save the Chesapeake Bay.

Our beautiful header photos are by Jon A. Soliday, who graciously donated his work for the cause.