Meet the Oyster Farm Workers

The Lunny family is deeply saddened that its loyal, skilled oyster-farm employees have lost their jobs because of the Park Service’s vendetta against the farm.

Please consider donating to the fund for the oyster farm workers.

Thanks to photographer Jon A. Soliday for capturing and sharing these lovely photos of the oyster farm team.

Jorge Mata and his crew endure inclement weather on the Estero:

20121220-_MG_3809 (2)

Jorge Mata and Valerio Salgado pull sacks of oysters from the cold waters of the Estero:


Carmen Luis, Rogelio Lopez, and Juan “Paco” Aceves working on the sorting line:


Martin Lopez moves oysters from the line to the retail area:


Isela Meza, our staff marine biologist, oversees the handling of microscopic oyster larvae, ensuring that they set and begin to grow properly at the beginning of the oyster-planting process. Here’s Isela with a baby oyster:


And here is an even tinier oyster–as Jon quipped, “only time and the U.S. Supreme Court will determine whether it’s harvested”:


Back in the water where he belongs!


Carmen Gonsalez holds an oyster cultch:


Ximena Lopez and Rogelio Lopez clean up after a day’s work on the line:


Jorge and Veronica Mata have nearly sixty combined years on the farm:



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